Assemblages, Transformations, and the Politics of Care




Assemblages, Transformations, and the Politics of Care

edited by Ivo Quaranta, Massimiliano Minelli, Sylvie Fortin



Formato Dimensione Pagine Lingua Anno ISBN
LIBRO 17x24 192 Italiano 2018


This volume presents a selection of the contributions to the Medical Anthropology at Home (MAAH) conference, Assemblages, transformations, and the politics of care, that took place in Bertinoro, Italy, 2014. The authors investigate the moral, material and social assemblages, the mechanisms of transformations, the relationality and the shifting negotiations that define contexts and politics of care. Their shared aim is to problematize both curing and caring as embodied cultural processes, investigating how forms of biosociality, control and subjectification are configured in socially situated and culturally specific terms. Together, they show how care is both extremely fragile as an analytical concept as well as exceptionally productive in questioning the very processes involved in our being human.

Ivo Quaranta is Professor in Cultural and Medical Anthropology at the University of Bologna (Italy). Head of the Centre for International and Intercultural Health (Centro Studi e Ricerche in Salute Internazionale e Interculturale), he works on the analysis of the social production and cultural elaboration of suffering, HIV-AIDS, chronic conditions, and the relationship between migration and health care.

Massimiliano Minelli is Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Perugia (Italy). His main research interests are focused on the relationship between cultural dynamics, forms of mental disorder and public strategies for community mental health. He also deals with social networks and community resources in public health in Italy and in Brazil.

Sylvie Fortin is Professor in Anthropology at Université de Montréal. From the social space of the clinic to diversity issues in health care, her work centres on the contemporary challenges of clinical practice today. Currently, she studies the moral and normative challenges entailed by decision making practices and end of life care at different life stages as well as end of life experiences in plural (& minority) settings.

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